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Privileged International Solutions

Overcome local risks with privileged international repositioning

About us

We develop customized international solutions to master the complex challenges our clients face. With strategic foresight and legal expertise, we promote the sustainable success of individuals, families, businesses, and High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI).

Our team, consisting of experts such as business economists, project engineers, lawyers, former diplomats, and civil servants, along with our global network, enables us to gain deep insights into key areas such as international business formation, employment abroad, emigration strategies, asset protection, and investment opportunities. Through our network of internationally recognized lawyers and tax advisors, we provide the highest level of legal security.

We specialize in unlocking attractive locations for production and holding companies by offering privileged access and strategic advantages in regions with favorable tax and business conditions. Our locally accredited coordinators, who are closely connected with ministries, authorities, and service providers, are crucial for establishing new business locations, saving our clients time and money and ensuring optimal results.

Furthermore, we assist states in identifying and pre-selecting trade delegates and honorary consuls to enhance bilateral economic relations, including comprehensive support throughout the application process. We offer tailored recommendations for vacant honorary consular districts worldwide and accompany our clients through the entire process.

Our consultancy is discreet and professional, aimed at individuals and companies seeking strategic advantages and sustainable improvements. Our proactive, future-oriented approach is designed to not only meet but exceed the needs of our clients.

Our Services


Strategic Relocation and Optimization

Do you want to secure the future viability of your company while simultaneously increasing net revenues?

Our expertise in relocation consulting transforms challenges into opportunities. We guide you from business-unfriendly to business-friendly locations, securing privileged access to the most attractive benefits such as subsidies and tax relief. Whether it's establishing production facilities or structuring holding companies, we design solutions that not only boost your operational efficiency but also minimize your financial burden. Our goal is to position your company in an environment that fosters growth and ensures sustainable success.


Trade Delegates & Honorary Consuls

Do you want to contribute as a successful entrepreneur and enhance your personal standing?

As advisors commissioned by states, we identify and recommend outstanding individuals for the roles of trade delegates and honorary consuls. We offer not only insights into international opportunities but also comprehensive consultation to guide you through the complex requirements and processes. From introductions at key receptions to continuous support through coaching and coordination – we accompany you at every step of your journey. Our approach aims to strengthen your positioning and enable you to enhance significant relationships, trade activities, and your network.

Who Our Services Are Aimed At

Businesses and HNWIs

Individuals and companies wishing to relocate their residence or corporate headquarters, establish new business locations, or set up a holding seat in a privileged jurisdiction abroad due to significant changes in their home country. We offer customized solutions for those seeking strategic resettlement to benefit from favorable legal, tax, and economic conditions.


Executives, entrepreneurs, and HNWIs seeking a privileged positioning as trade delegates or honorary consuls. Our services include comprehensive support and consultation for individuals who wish to leverage their professional standing to foster and strengthen bilateral relations and trade activities between countries.



We specialize in assisting governments in establishing or expanding international private sector relationships in business, culture and other areas of mutual interest around the world with measurable results. As part of this task, we prepare decision-ready proposals for decision-makers in governments.


We specialize in establishing trusted contacts with high-level executives and owners of leading corporations. One of our main strengths is to get in touch with important decision makers in a trustful way.


We specialize in the field of diplomatic and consular representations. This includes matters from all areas of law to be represented by state-licensed attorneys or tax attorneys with regard to tax exemptions.


Our EU law team deals with all aspects of EU law. The EU is the source of an ever-growing body of complex legislation. EU legislation is constantly evolving and must be implemented and enforced by European and national administrations, often raising difficult legal issues.


We specialize in developing internationally privileged solutions. This can include, among other things, the transfer of the domicile or the company headquarters from one state to another, where a correspondingly privileged positioning can be established.


Our team of experts offers tailor-made, compliance-compliant solutions for comprehensive legal and project coordination and organization services.


Our international law team deals with all aspects of international law. This includes, inter alia, diplomatic and consular law, international trade and investment law, country risk assessment and mitigation, cross-border infrastructure and energy, state responsibility, etc.


International Business requires the consideration of many aspects. Our team develops international solutions that allow our clients to successfully conduct business while avoiding international risks. 

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